Macro Landscapes

I was inspired to paint these ‘Macro Landscapes’ after visiting ‘The Poetry of the Everyday’; a fantastic exhibition of paintings depicting colourful interiors, by the French artist Edouard Vuillard.

Whilst the exhibition was primarily about pattern and colour in interior scenes, the themes resonated with my interest in depicting nature. I see summer flowers and gardens as their own miniature worlds full of abstract pattern and colour .

The scenes in my paintings are from photographs taken in glass houses, as well as stately home gardens and cottage gardens.

IMG_6752Polka Dot By The Window, oil on board 22.5 x 23 cm

IMG_6835Bush Lily, oil on board 30 x 25 cm


IMG_6839Bird Of Paradise, oil on board 35 x 25cm

IMG_7084Cosmos, oil on board 32 x 25 cm

IMG_7560Cottage Garden, oil on board 32 x 25 cm

IMG_7092Cottage Garden II, oil on board 32 x 25 cm

IMG_7562Persian Shield, oil on board 30 x 25 cm

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