My new collection of landscape paintings are inspired by my experiences exploring the British coastline and moorland. I am particularly drawn to the drama of rock formations and their presence within a landscape.

Drawing and painting outdoors are an important part of my practice. It gives a sense of immediacy and freedom which then informs the paintings created in the studio.

I enjoy experimenting with process, allowing any accidents that can happen along the way. Using a mixture of water-based paints such as acrylic and gouache, as well as pastel, allows me to play with textures and transparencies.

Through colour and mark making I hope to express the feeling of being overwhelmed and humbled by a space in nature.

IMG_6136Offa's View Acrylic/Gouache on board 122 x 46 cm

IMG_6148Bouldering Acrylic/Gouache on board 85 x 122 cm

IMG_6157Shortcut Acrylic/Gouache on board 53 x 71 cm

JClouting-Almost-LostAlmost Lost Acrylic/Gouache on board 50 x 40 cm

JClouting-Dolphin-DaysDolphin Days Acrylic/Gouache on board 51 x 38 cm