My experimental approach to painting stems from a desire to combine a naive curiosity in science and the natural world, with an interest in the history of abstract art.

The projects Blue and Weighing Colour, focus on process and materials. I particularly  enjoy limiting the control I have over the materials, allowing the image to develop in exciting and unusual ways. Although the finished pieces are abstract, the foundations of both projects lie in landscape, in particular the horizon line, and capturing changing light.

The projects Consider Again and Mars, reflect a wider view of our planet and its place in the universe. Both are a response to quotes about space travel and investigate the boundaries between science fiction and scientific opinion.

My current body of work focuses on a more personal response to landscape. Lost Land is an ongoing project of paintings inspired by my travels around Britain, exploring wild places.

Komorebi is another ongoing project inspired by greenhouses and glasshouses. Hidden amongst the colourful foliage are hints of buildings and structures. I find I am drawn to these futuristic shapes, containing worlds that seem incongruous in the British landscape. 

I graduated with a degree in Fine Art from Norwich University of the Arts in 2012.